How can I pay for my tickets?
Payment is possible only through SEPA payments. A confirmation e-mail with the purchase info will be sent to you after the purchase. In case you don't receive the confirmation e-mail, please check your spam folder or contact us at info@blackrevalia.eu.

Non-EU citizens, who can't use SEPA payments, please contact us at info@blackrevalia.eu and we will find a solution.
When can I download my ticket?
Purchased tickets will be available after the payment has been confirmed by the merchant. SEPA payments usually take 1 business day to transfer and will be confirmed 1 business day after that.
My plans changed. I don't want this ticket any more. What can I do?
Nothing. Names on ticket cannot be changed and tickets cannot be returned to merchant. You should change your plans again.
I want to buy more than one tickets, but I don't know other persons name yet.
You can add Your name to more than one ticket BUT when other person is using it, You must accompany him/her in case of any suspicion.